Navin Shakya

Navin Shakya

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  • Mugu PRoR Projects

    Mugu PRoR Projects

    Upper Mugu Karnali (306 MW) and Namlan Khola (135 MW) are two peaking run-of-river hydropower projects proposed for the Mugu Karnali river corridor in the Mugu district of the Karnali Province. The former will utilize…

  • Upper Balephi, Sindhupalchowk

    Upper Balephi, Sindhupalchowk

    Upper Balephi is a 46 MW run-of-river hydropower project located in the Sindhupalchowk district of central Nepal. It harnesses the Balephi River, channelling water through an underground desander, headrace tunnel, and penstock shafts to generate…

  • Lower Apsuwa, Sankhuwasabha

    Lower Apsuwa, Sankhuwasabha

    Lower Apsuwa hydropower project, with a 54 MW capacity, is a run-of-river initiative situated in the Sankhuwasabha district of eastern Nepal. It’s a high head scheme, notable for its relatively compact structures compared to other…