Navin Shakya

Navin Shakya

Upper Balephi, Sindhupalchowk

Upper Balephi is a 46 MW run-of-river hydropower project located in the Sindhupalchowk district of central Nepal. It harnesses the Balephi River, channelling water through an underground desander, headrace tunnel, and penstock shafts to generate electricity within an underground powerhouse cavern. The energy produced is slated for evacuation via the planned Pantang Substation.

At present, the project is accessible seasonally by road, amidst a cluster of hydroelectric developments along the Balephi River corridor. The adjacent villages include Tembathan, Bolde, and Gumba, with the latter being approximately 50 km from Balephi bazaar on the Araniko Highway. The project site is about 140 km from Kathmandu.

Navigating the project’s components is a significant hurdle due to the steep and unstable terrain. Year-round access will necessitate the construction of multiple bridges. The reliability of existing roads during the monsoon season is questionable, and the Balephi River, along with its tributaries, presents a formidable challenge with its steep incline, making temporary crossings impractical during heavy rains.

This will be the second hydropower venture that we will be entering in the Balephi River corridor after successful completion of Upper Balephi “A” (36 MW).