Upper Trishuli-1 Hydroelectric Project (216 MW)

Upper Trishuli-1 Hydroelectric Project is a run-of-river type scheme, located in Rasuwa District in Province 3 of Nepal. The underground headworks is located at Parbati Kunda Rural Municipality while powerhouse area is located in Uttargaya Rural Municipality. The project has an installed capacity of 216 MW and will generate 1457 GWh of energy annually. The gross head of the project is 342.6 m while design discharge of the project is 76 cumec. The project is located in the rocks of Lesser Himalayan zone with major lithology of gneiss, schist and phyllite.

Jade Consult Pvt. Ltd. is the owner’s engineer while Nepal Water and Energy Development Company Ltd. is the developer of this project. Joint venture of Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd. and Kyeryong Construction Industrial Co. Ltd. are the contractors for the project.

The project area is accessed by a 118 km long black topped road named Pasang Lhamu Highway from Kathmandu to Dhunche via Trishuli Bazaar. The district headquarter Dhunche (118 km from Kathmandu) and Betrawati (79 km from Kathmandu) are the two roads head for the headworks and powerhouse site of the project respectively. The project site can also be accessed by another road: Kathmandu – Galchi section of Prithi Highway and then, Galcchi connects the Pasang Lhamu Highway at Trisuli Bazaar. The road distance to project site from Kathmandu is almost equal to previous option.


I have been involving in this project for slope stability analysis of the access road excavation, assessment of geohazards of the project area mainly earthquake induced landslides, and construction supervision.