Upper Mugu Karnali

Upper Mugu Karnali Hydropower Project (306 MW)

Upper Mugu Karnali Hydropower Project is developed by Elevate Energy Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary company of Golyan Group and is located in Mugu district of Karnali Province, Nepal. The project components of UMKHP are located in Chhayanath Rara Municipality and Mugum Karmarong Rural Municipality of Mugu district. The headworks area is located at Mugum Karmarong Rural Municipality ward number 3 and powerhouse area is located at Chhayanath Rara Municipality ward number 12.

Location of the project area

Gamgadhi, the district headquarters of Mugu district is the nearest major town from the project site. Gamgadhi can be reached in nearly 3 days while travelling via road from Kathmandu and about 2 days from Surkhet and Nepalgunj. Kathmandu to Nepalgunj can be reached via the East West Highway while Jumla can be reached via the Karnali Highway. Jumla-Gamgadhi road is currently seasonal but upgrading of this road is in progress. The track opening has already been completed from Gamgadhi to Lumsa near the powerhouse area of the project. Vehicles can reach easily to the area of powerhouse location. The powerhouse site is approximately 20 km from Gamgadhi; and approximately 19 km further to the headworks site from powerhouse area. From Gamgadhi, it is about 1 day-walk to reach headworks and 3 hours to reach powerhouse of the project site.

Rara Airport is the nearest airport from the project area which has seasonal flights from the cities of Surkhet and Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj is connected to Kathmandu with daily regular flights from all major airlines.

Currently feasibility study of the project is ongoing. Topographic survey has already been completed.

Topographic surveying of the area