Upper Madme Hydropower Project (12.3 MW)

Upper Madme Hydropower Project is a run-of-river type scheme, located in Kaski District of Gandaki Province in Nepal. The entire components from intake to powerhouse area are located in Madi Rural Municipality within Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP). The project has an installed capacity of 12.3 MW and will generate 70.60 GWh of energy annually. The gross head of the project is 383.86 m while design discharge of the project is 3.85 cumec. The project is located in the rocks of Higher Himalayan zone with major lithology of banded gneiss, augen gneiss and schist.

Feasibility study of this project is carried out by Hyden Consultant Pvt. Ltd. and the developer is National Hydro Power Company Limited.

The project can be accessed from Pokhara via Bajhapatan, Kaure Danda, Taprang, Parche and Sikles.  The approximate road distance from Pokhara to Sikles is about 40 km. It is a fair-weather road and requires regular repair and maintenance in wet season. From Sikles, there is a foot trail to Hug Goth, then to Kyabu. The foot trail from Kyabu leads to Madme and Kyutme which is usually used by locals of Sikles for hunting. There is no such access to the headworks and powerhouse area of the project and need to access via dense vegetation, steep slopes, landslides and seasonal tributaries. The approximate distance of the headworks area is about 20 km from Sikles village.


I was involved in this project during May – October 2018 for the feasibility study as an individual consultant for National Hydro Power Company Limited. I was responsible for geological and engineering geological mapping of the project area, rock mass characterisation and classification, slope stability analysis of the project and access road, preliminary construction material survey as well as design of support for surface and underground excavations of project components.