Upper Balephi A Hydropower Project (36 MW)

Upper Balephi ‘A’ Hydropower Project is a run-of-river type scheme proposed along the Balephi khola in Sindhupalchowk District of Province 1 in Nepal. The entire components from intake to powerhouse area are located in Jugal Rural Municipality. The project has an installed capacity of 36 MW and will generate 212.80 GWh of energy annually. The gross head of the project is 208 m while design discharge of the project is 13.85 cumec. The project is located in the rocks of Higher Himalayan zone with major lithology of banded gneiss, augen gneiss and schist.

This project is developed by Balephi Hydropower Limited and Underground Space Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has the responsibility of engineering design and supervision of underground excavation. This project is currently under construction.


I was involved in this project between October – December 2017 as a consultant for Underground Space Engineering Pvt. Ltd. I was involved in design of excavation technique and support system for underground components of project like headrace /adit tunnels and surge shaft, and stress and deformation analysis by using empirical and finite element methods using Rocscience RS2 and Unwedge applications.