Simbuwa Khola Hydroelectric Project

Simbuwa Khola Hydroelectric Project (70.3 MW)

Simbuwa Khola Hydroelectric Project (SKHEP) is a run-of-river type scheme located in Taplejung District of Province 1. The entire project components are located in Phaktanglung Rural Municipality within Kanchenjunga Conservation Area (KCA). The project has an installed capacity of 70.3 MW and will generate 378.96 GWh of energy annually. As per feasibility study, gross head of the project is 888.86 m while design discharge of the project is 9.24 cumec.

Joint venture of SMEC International Pty Ltd. (Australia) and Jade Consult Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal) is carrying out detailed engineering survey and design, and preparing tender documents of the project. Simbuwa Remit Hydro Limited, a sister organization of Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company Limited (HIDCL), is the developer of this project.

In this project, I’m responsible for planning, monitoring and supervision of engineering geological studies, geophysical survey and geotechnical investigations working together with international experts. The project involves 4000 m of electrical resistivity tomography survey, 300 m of core drilling, 200 m of exploratory adit and rock mechanical tests like hydrofracturing and overcoring tests. The project also involves stability analysis and support design of underground desander cavern, powerhouse cavern, drop shafts, surge shafts and headrace tunnel. I’ll be carrying out empirical, analytical and numerical analysis of excavation of underground structures. The project is located in the rocks of Higher Himalayan zone with major lithology of gneiss, schist and quartzite.