Nagmati Dam Project

Nagmati Dam Project is located in Gokarneshwor Muncipality, at the northeastern part of the Kathmandu Valley within the Shivapuri National Park on Nagmati River as a part of the Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project. The proposed Nagmati Dam comprise a 90 m high concrete face rock fill dam (CFRD), creating a 41.2 ha reservoir with a storage capacity of approximately 8 million cubic metres, a spillway to safely discharge the probable maximum flood and a mini hydropower generation facility of 4 MW. Geologically, the project area is situated within the lithological formation of Sheopuri Injection Gneiss.

The Department of Irrigation (DoI), Project Implementation (Irrigation Unit), Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project, engaged Entura to undertake Investigations and Detailed Engineering Design of the project. East Management and Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. (EMES) has carried out the geotechnical investigation of the project which consists of rotary core drilling including different laboratory tests of core pieces, concrete aggregate materials and rock fill materials.

The Nagmati Dam site can be accessed via the newly opened fair-weather vehicle track from Sundarijal through Mulkharka and up alongside the Nagmati River towards Chisapani. This track has an overall distance of about 5 km from Sundarijal. At the project area the road runs on right bank of the Nagmati River. From Kathmandu up to Sundarijal, it is connected by good surfaced road via Jorpati-Gokarna-Sundarijal road.


I was employed by East Management and Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. during February – April 2016 for supervision of 12 holes of core drilling consisting 453 m and test pit excavation, geological drill core logging, coordination and data presentation of lab reports as well as geotechnical investigation and report writing. I was also responsible to coordinate with the design team of Entura and the field investigation crew.