Lower Irkhuwa Khola Hydropower Project (9.98 MW)

Lower Irkhuwa Khola Hydropower Project is a run-of-river type scheme, located in Bhojpur district in Province 1 of Nepal. The entire components from intake to powerhouse area are located in Shadananda Municipality. The project has an installed capacity of 9.98 MW and will generate 59.9 GWh of energy annually. The gross head of the project is 144 m while design discharge of the project is 8.75 cumec. The project is located in the rocks of Lesser Himalayan zone with major lithology of gneiss, schist and phyllite.

Hydro Solutions Engineering Consultant Pvt. Ltd. had carried out feasibility engineering design of this project. National Hydro Power Company Ltd. is the developer of this project.

The project can be reached via Dharan-Dhankuta-Hile Road which can be access throughout the year and then Hile-Leguwa-Tumlingtar Road which has seasonal access. From Tumlingtar, the project can be accessed through newly constructed road. Tumlingtar is the nearest market that also has air access directly from Kathmandu. Road distance from Kathmandu is approximately 545 km.

I was involved in this project during December 2015 – February 2016. I was responsible for site selection, geological/engineering geological mapping of the project area and access road, rock mass characterization and classification, design of support for surface and underground excavations of project components and construction material survey.

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