Jade Consult

Established in 2001, Jade Consult Pvt. Ltd. is a private consulting company specialized in the field of hydropower, transmission lines and other infrastructure development projects. The organisation is certified with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and hence ensures quality services to the best satisfaction of its Clients.

As of now, Jade Consult has been involved in over 2 dozen hydropower projects totaling up to 4140 MW capacity at different stages of development. Apart from hydropower, it is the leader in transmission line sector in Nepal with more than a decade of experience in high voltage transmission line system of up to 400 kV capacity across the country comprising a total length of more than 1575 km.

Jade Consult also provides all necessary technical support to hydropower developers and links them with contractors, suppliers, financiers and equipment manufacturers. It has strong qualifications to provide consultancy services for the feasibility studies, detailed design, construction supervision and other allied studies of energy projects including hydropower and transmission line projects. It also provides other allied services such as Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, Resettlement Action Planning, Indigenous People Development Planning and other socioenvironmental studies of hydropower and transmission line projects.

Jade Consult has been involved in projects financed by various bilateral and multilateral donors and financing institutions such as Asian Development Bank, World Bank, KfW, European Investment Bank and International Finance Corporation. Jade Consult has strong experience of working with governmental bodies involved in energy sector in Nepal such as Ministry of Energy, Nepal Electricity Authority and Department of Electricity Development. Jade Consult has also successfully provided its services to the best satisfaction of various private, public and semi-government owned entities involved in hydropower development in Nepal.