Pure Energy

Banke Solar PV Project (10+10 MW)

Two parts of 10 MW each solar photovoltaic grid-connected electric projects are located in Khajura Rural Municipality of Banke District in Lumbini Province which are being developed by Pure Energy Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary company of Golyan Group.

Each project has been configured into a single modular plot having a DC capacity of 12.0 MWp with 32 string inverters, of 208 kW each and 16 string inverters of 209 kW each, with a maximum AC output of 10 MW that means the total output for two projects is 20 MW. In order to minimize DC ohmic losses, inverters, MV transformers and switchgear will be suitably located within the modular plot. The PV modules are electrically connected with cables sized to minimize DC ohmic losses. The DC electrical output from the PV modules is fed through DC cables of suitable grade to string inverters. These inverters convert the DC electrical input to AC output and the same is then stepped up using one 12 MVA 800 V/33 kV transformer. The 33 kV AC electrical supply is then evacuated and will be connected to current Kohalpur Substation of NEA at Banke which is at a distance of around 14 km from the project site.

The site is adjacent to local road that passes by the side of the project site, which is further well connected to the Nepalgunj-Kohalpur Highway.